Individual Declaration of Responsibility

Track use policy
Everyone water-skis, wakeboards and stays on the track at their own risk.
Water-skiing and wakeboarding are only allowed if you know how to swim.
Wearing a life jacket is mandatory!
You must swim out from under the wire rope immediately, watch out for the skier behind you and the empty rope!
Catching an empty rope is FORBIDDEN!
Using the elements with the slipper wakeboard board, water ski, kneeling board is FORBIDDEN!
The use of helmets is obligatory!
The use of the wakeboard board with slippers and life jacket is included in the ticket.
After use, the rented equipment must be returned to the storage room!
In the event of a technical breakdown of the track, you must report to the ticket office to arrange the remaining time.
The track must be left at the instruction of the operating staff!
The track may only be used by persons of sound mind and free from alcohol and drugs, and minors may only use the track under the supervision and responsibility of an accompanying person.
We cannot be held responsible for the weather! The course does not operate under a level 2 storm warning.
No refunds will be given after the ticket has been purchased!
Children under 10 years of age are not allowed to use the water ski track. Minors may only use the track under the supervision of an adult.
I have read, understand and acknowledge the rules.
The maximum weight of persons using the track is 120 kg.


With my digital signature I certify that I have read the rules and regulations of the water ski and wakeboard cableway BambooSziget, operated by Bamboo Vízisí Kft., located in Siófok-Szabadifürdő, and I expressly accept and acknowledge that I am obliged to comply with the rules and regulations at all times and to use the services of the Operator in the knowledge of the rules and regulations. I acknowledge that I am obliged to compensate the Operator for any damage incurred in the event of a breach of the rules and regulations.

I acknowledge that the Bamboo Island Rules of Use are posted in a prominent place on the island.

I acknowledge that I may use the sport services at my own risk, and that I am obliged to comply with the safety and usage requirements set by the Operator, to accept the Operator's oral or written instructions and to use the water-ski and wakeboard facilities accordingly.

I acknowledge that persons who are incapacitated, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or who are not permitted in the community, or who are contagiously ill, are not permitted to visit the island. Pregnant women are not recommended to use the water skiing facilities.


I acknowledge that the use of the course is expressly prohibited in case of medication, any illness, alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating drug!

I acknowledge that sliding on the elements of the track (e.g. kicker, slider, etc.) is only allowed at my own risk and only for highly experienced persons wearing their own equipment, protective helmet and life jacket.

I acknowledge that the Operator shall not be liable for any damage to the board or other equipment caused by the court elements and excludes any liability for damages.

I acknowledge that a minor may only use the sports services provided by the Operator in the presence of an adult escort. The minor and the adult accompanying person are obliged to accept the rules and regulations and the declaration by signing them. I acknowledge that the Operator does not provide supervision for minors.


I acknowledge that the use of the wakeboard course is a dangerous recreational activity which may be undertaken by persons of sufficient physical and mental ability to use the wakeboard course in accordance with the safety requirements set by the Operators.

I acknowledge that the Operator shall not be liable for any injury or other damage to myself or others caused by improper use of the track and equipment in accordance with the regulations. I accept full liability for all property and non property damages for causing such injury and/or damage.

Please follow the rules! Take care for your own safety and the safety of your fellow athletes! In the event of a serious breach of the rules, the offender will be banned from Bamboo Island. In this case, the Operator will not be liable to pay any compensation to the banned person.

Privacy statement:

By signing this declaration, I agree that my personal data provided below may be processed by Bamboo Vízisí Kft. for the purpose of providing the service.